Project Right Direction

  • Our Community-Based Mentoring and Educational (CBME) program is designed to reach our youth early in their lives in order to prevent later involvement in the juvenile justice system. The program aims to enroll young men and women between the ages 11-17 years old who are not court-involved, but are at-risk for justice system involvement and may be exhibiting pre-delinquent behavior. These youth participants are paired with mentors and receive supportive services as well as intensive mentoring through the time of their high school graduations.
  • Young Adults (18-24) KBFLC’s Empowerment Program Our is designed for young adults who are 18-24 years of age. Assistance is offered by our volunteers to help this age group achieve academic and employment success, provide activities, which includes a variety of options for improving educational and skill competencies,  providing effective connections to employers, ensuring on-going mentoring opportunities, providing opportunities for training, providing continued supportive services, providing incentive for recognition and achievement, and providing opportunities related to leadership development, decision making, citizenship, and community services.
  • New Beginnings, our diversion program is designed for those who are 16-24 years old and who are in the early stages of involvement in the juvenile justice or corrections systems. It is designed to address delinquent behavior informally in the community in an effort to prevent subsequent offending.  The services that will be provided are screening and assessment, education and tutorial services, victim awareness classes and activities, service learning programs, substance use education and counseling, job skills training, mental health treatment, crisis intervention, family counseling, parenting skill development, supports for rebuilding family relationships and quality recreation and organized sports programs.

Each of our programs will be unique in its own way but some of the program elements will include: free nutritious meals, educational support through tutoring, life skills and study skills training; referrals to alternate programs; summer employment opportunities, paid and unpaid work experience including internship and job shadowing; occupational skills training, leadership development opportunities, supportive services; comprehensive guidance and counseling, adult mentoring; follow-up services for at least twelve months; and comprehensive guidance, counseling, and referral as appropriate.