KBFLC strives to break the cycle of violence within families, and provide quality outreach services to low-income families.


  • Secure sufficient Operational and Program funding
  • Create an Educational and Mentorship Program for underserved youth 11-17 underserved that will give them the opportunity to prepare for life after high school either in obtaining employment in a fulfilling career or a higher education and allow them the opportunity to be all they were created to be. It not only promotes financial security for individuals and their families, but spurs economic growth in the community.
  • Create an Empowerment Program for women and men 18-24 by providing Life skills training, assisting with Adult Education programs that will offer GEDs preparation assistance, literacy instruction, job readiness, and vocational and college testing.
  • Create a Domestic Violence Support Group for victims and survivors of Domestic Violence this group will allow them opportunity to discuss their experiences with others who have shared similar experiences, and to learn from each other in a safe nonjudgmental environment.  We also offer support groups for the teens in our Educational and Mentorship Program as well as the Empowerment Program.
  • Provide Safe Housing for youth that have been displaced from their homes because of abuse and dangerous housing conditions. Primary focus will be on pregnant teens or young mothers who are homeless because they have runaway and living on the streets or staying temporarily with someone and have lost hope.  They will be provided a safe place that will meet their needs, and assist them with becoming self-sufficient.
  • Develop and Implement an Outreach Program that will offer emergency assistance to individuals to avoid disconnections, etc. on a case by case basis, as funds are available and we are able to assist. We will also provide yearly fun family focused activities such as Kids Day events and Back to School Celebrations, and different drives that will assist needy residents.
  • Develop and Implement a Christian Charter school that will provide education for Children K-12 to provide an alternative program that will address the whole child through — social, intellectual, emotional, physical AND spiritual then allowing them to reach the possibility of excellence.
  • Develop a strong Board of Trustees that will offer guidance, help with fundraising efforts, and oversee the smooth operation of the organization.

Social trauma affects communities the same way personal trauma affects individuals. Hope diminishes and unhealthy behaviors become normalized as ways to cope with life circumstances that often feel unbearable. The only way to counteract and heal this trauma is to cultivate love—love of self and love of community, without judgment. This kind of love involves risk and requires courage. It is risky to love in the face of heartbreaking loss. For the community we serve, this means, quite literally, loving despite losing lives to violence or other preventable conditions linked to poverty and despair. But what fortifies us in the work we do—the work of opening opportunities for young people by building skills, improving systems, and investing in the places they live—is the stunning resilience young people model for us every day.